Umpire Information

Umpire Information

Saskatoon Umpire Association contact: Matthew Schule, 306-381-5882, 


Find Our Facebook Page: Saskatoon District Baseball Umpires Association

NOTICE: The SDBUA will be using online assigning IN ALL DIVISIONS. Horizonwebref is the assigning system. Login credentials will be given to umpires upon completion of a clinic.

Why become an umpire?

  1. Improve your knowledge of baseball and apply it to your game.
  2. Build meaningful relationships than can expand throughout the province and even Canada.
  3. Make your own schedule!
  4. Being a official can look great on a resume.
  5. Develop skills that are transferable to sport, work and play.
  6. Give back to baseball in a meaningful way.
  7. Opportunities to travel – stick with it and you could experience amazing opportunities throughout Saskatchewan & Canada!
  8. Finally, and perhaps the most obvious – you can make a quick buck while having the “best seat” in the game.

2020 Umpire Clinic Registration:

How to become an umpire:

  1. Register for Level 1 (if new), or Level 2 if you have completed 2 consecutive years of Level 1.
  2. Pay $30.00 to Baseball Sask if required. If you live in Saskatoon, Baseball Saskatoon will be covering this fee for you – huge thanks to Baseball Saskatoon for doing this.
  3. Go to to access the Level 1 or 2 clinic materials (more information below).
    • If you would like hard copy materials or cannot access online content, please make sure to request physical learning materials during the registration process or contact (Matthew Schule – SDBUA President).
  4. Completely read/view all materials. Follow along in your online/hard copy workbook and complete any blanks to help guide your learning.
  5. If there is to be a 2020 season, Saskatoon plans to have an on-field session during the season when group social interactions are encouraged by the Government of Saskatchewan/Ministry of Health. This will be a 3-4 hour outdoor clinic that will cover mechanics/stance and other level-appropriate learning content. There will be no classroom session.
  6. If the 2020 season is completely cancelled due to COVID-19 health concerns, umpires will NOT have to pay their registration fee for the 2021. This fee will not be waived.

If you have any questions, please contact your local director or any Saskatchewan clinician who will be happy to assist you with registration or clinic learning material.

President Matthew Schule
Clinician Travis Wourms
Clinician Aaron Roberts
Clinician Scott Mills

Level 1 and 2 Registration (2020 Season):


Level 3, 4, and 5 status umpires, or those qualified and interested in challenging the level 3 exam (2020 Season):


  1. Click the above link and complete the registration. Do not leave any blanks.
  2. If you reside within Saskatoon, Baseball Saskatoon will cover your umpire fee. (THANK YOU, BASEBALL SASKATOON!)
    • If you do NOT reside in Saskatoon but are registering through Zone 6, you will be required to make a payment of $30.00 directly to Baseball Sask. Make sure to include your name and purpose for the sending of money so that it can easily be tracked to your registration.
      1. Send E-Transfer to:
      2. Mailed Cheque to: Mike Ramage, 300-1734 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK S4T 1K1
        • Make sure to include the name of who is sending the cheque and the purpose. Example: Bob Barker – Level 1 Umpire Registration Fee

***If there is no 2020 season to be played (due to COVID-19), all registration fees will be kept and applied to the 2021 baseball season. In other words, your 2021 clinic fees will be waived (free)!***

Level 1 & 2 Clinic Formats

Due to COVID-19, there will be NO in-person clinics this season. Saskatoon (Zone 6) plans to have 2 parts for Level 1’s:

  1. Online Learning (as mentioned above)
  2. On Field Basics (Date TBD and dependent on 2020 baseball season status)

Louis Slotsve Baseball Umpire Mentorship Program:

The Louis Slotsve Umpire Mentorship Program is meant to serve our newest and youngest umpires within Zone 6 to assist and support them in their development as they mature and grow. Through this program, mentors are able to be on location and assigned to individual umpires, allowing instantaneous feedback, support and intervention with spectator behavior if needed. The Mentorship Program allows new umpires to build upon their knowledge and improve at an exceptional rate in comparison to those who may not receive any support, creating confident, safe and knowledgeable officials who are inspired to continue their baseball journey are the essential goals of this program. To support the program, please contact an SDBUA executive or Matt Schule via email, Facebook, text or phone (306-381-5882).

Mentorship Committee:

  • Logan Nugent – 306-291-7961
  • Blake Thille – 306-290-9963
  • Travis Wourms (Steak Night) – 639-480-5225

Saskatoon District Baseball Umpire’s Association Executive:

President: Matt Schule 306-381-5882

Vice-President: Aaron Szejvolt 306-260-6432

Past President: Scott Mills 306-281-3557

Director: Blake Thille 306-290-9963

Director: Travis Wourms 639-480-5225

Director: Karl Rowe 306-341-2719

Director: Heath Muggli 306-227-0909

Director: Logan Nugent 306-291-7961

Treasurer: Scott Mostoway 306-230-5799

Equipment Suppliers:

Olympian Sports Excellence 101 Idylwyld Dr N Saskatoon Tel: 306-934-6771 Fax: 306-934-6772

Al Anderson’s Source for Sports 208 Avenue B South (across Idylwyld from Midtown Plaza) Saskatoon