Field Conditions

Field Conditions

Field Conditions/Weather Information:

This page will be updated by 3pm on game days where the weather is questionable or the field conditions are questionable.  If there are no updates, assume that the field conditions are playable and plan to play your game.  In the event that field conditions change after 3pm, your division coordinator will send a message out to you via email to inform you if your game has been cancelled.

Baseball Saskatoon has a cold weather cancellation policy that states games will not be played if the temperature taking into account wind chill is below five degrees at the start of a game.  This decision is made three hours prior to the start of games by looking at The Weather Network website and determining forecast temperature  at game time.  This policy was developed to ensure the safety of players and reduce injuries related to cold muscles.

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CITY OF SASKATOON SPORTS FIELD MONITORS: Call or text (306)220-7806 to report any issues with the diamonds such as sprinkler issues, parking issues, etc. 

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