Saskatoon Baseball Council Inc., now operating as Baseball Saskatoon, co-ordinates Official Youth Baseball in Saskatoon. The federal government recognizes Baseball Canada as the official amateur baseball organization for Canada. Baseball Canada has an official affiliate organization in each province. In Saskatchewan, that organization is Sask Baseball, which administers baseball activity in each of the eight zones in the province. Baseball Saskatoon is the official body responsible for both senior and youth baseball playing under Baseball Canada rules in Zone 6 (Saskatoon).

In 2021, there were over 2100 minor baseball players in Saskatoon. Baseball Saskatoon’s goal is to provide each player with an opportunity to participate, learn and enjoy playing the game of baseball which will promote health, sportsmanship, team play and good citizenship. Baseball Saskatoon accomplishes this goal through:

  • Five zone organizations in Saskatoon; the A’s, Blue Jays, Braves, Cardinals and Royals. The zones select and equip the minor division teams and coaches.   
  • Six Minor Divisions – Junior Rally Cap (6 yrs and under as of Jan 1), Senior Rally Cap (7 & 8 yrs as of Jan 1), 11U (9 & 10 yrs as of Jan 1), 13U (11 & 12 yrs as of Jan 1), 15U (13 & 14 yrs as of Jan 1), 18U (15, 16, 17 yrs as of Jan 1); and two Major leagues, Men’s and Senior. The leagues co-ordinate the playing activity of the teams, such as game scheduling, hosting tournaments, and work with the City in maintenance and improvement of playing facilities.   
  • Saskatoon Minor Baseball, an administrative structure within the Saskatoon Baseball Council Inc., whose responsibility is to provide oversight and coordination of the activities of the Minor Divisions.

Advantages of playing minor baseball organized through Baseball Saskatoon:

  • Everybody is placed on a team at an appropriate level so that they have the best opportunity for succeeding and enjoying baseball. 16-26 regular season games are scheduled for most players, more for teams playing at higher skill levels within each division, in addition to tournament and playoff games.   
  • In the 11U and 13U Divisions, teams play in one of four leagues, A, AA Tier 4-5, AA Tier 2-3 or AAA. In the 15U and 18U Divisions, teams play in either the AA (Tier 1-2, or Tier 3-4 for Bantam) or AAA League.
  • Depending on its level of play, the league season for a team may finish by the end of June (A Leagues), or extend into mid-July (AA Leagues) or early August (AAA Leagues).   
  • Nationally Certified Coaches and player clinics with certified instructors. Pre-season conditioning clinics are offered by zone organizations and other clinics are often available during the season.    
  • All games are played at quality baseball complexes – including the Geoff Hughes Baseball Park – one of the nation’s top 13U facilities, Nutana Park – the 15U diamonds which have had extensive upgrades in 2019, and the renowned J.F. Cairns Field.
  • Teams play as many different teams as possible from within the City and from surrounding areas.   
  • Opportunities for league teams in the 11U through 18U Divisions to compete in Provincial Championships. All-star teams are not formed for provincial or inter-provincial Championship tournaments.   
  • Opportunities to compete at the Baseball Canada Western Canada Championships for the 13U through 18U Divisions.
  • Opportunities to compete at the Baseball Canada National Championships for the 15U through 18U Divisions.   
  • All proceeds generated by Baseball Saskatoon through its Minor Divisions and sponsorships are contributed towards playing facilities, coaching equipment and baseball operations. With the exception of the Minor Division Administrator and Executive Director, the Saskatoon Baseball Council Inc. and its Minor Divisions are run by volunteers.