13U (Pee Wee)

13U (Pee Wee)

Welcome to the 13U Division page!

The 13U Division includes A, AA, and AAA Leagues.

Players born in 2008 & 2009 are eligible to play 13U baseball in 2021.


13U A League Playoffs – COMPLETED – Champions Braves 2, Finalists Blue Jay Titans

13U AA Tier 2 League Playoffs – COMPLETED – Champions Gator A’s, Finalists Royal Thunder

13U AA Tier 1 League Playoffs – COMPLETED – Champions Cardinals Peterson, Finalists Blue Jay Crush

13U AAA League Playoffs – COMPLETED – Champions Athletics, Finalists Blue Jay Dirtbags


  • May 31                               OPENING DAY
  • June 25-27 13U A League Tournament
  • July 1                                  NO PLAY – Canada Day
  • July 9-11                          13U AA Open Tournament
  • July 18-31 13U A League Playoffs
  • July 23-25 13U AAA Open Tournament
    Tournament Page: http://app.teamlinkt.com/tournaments/view/baseballsaskatoon/552
  • July 23-25                          13U AA Tiers 1-6 Provincial Championships Option #1 – Locations TBA
  • July 26 – Aug 9                 13U AA League Playoffs
  • August 3-16                      13U AAA League Playoffs
  • August 13-15                    13U AA Tiers 1-6 Provincial Championships Option #2 – Locations TBA
  • August 20-22                    13U AAA Provincial Championships – Location TBA
  • Cancelled                          13U (PeeWee) National Western Championship
  • Cancelled                          Western Canada PeeWee (14U) Girls Championships
  • Cancelled                          13U (PeeWee) National Championships

League Information:

The 13U Division Coordinator is Trevor Broker, please direct all 13U inquiries to trevor.broker99@gmail.com

13U Division Rules 2021

13U Code of Conduct

Baseball Saskatoon Code of Conduct

TeamLinkt Instructions

2021 Non-Saskatoon Team League Application:

Congratulations To The Following:

2021 13U AAA League Champions – Athletics
2021 13U AAA League Finalists – Blue Jay Dirtbags
2021 13U AA Tier 1 League Champions – Cardinals Peterson
2021 13U AA Tier 1 League Finalists – Blue Jay Crush
2021 13U AA Tier 2 League Champions – Gator A’s
2021 13U AA Tier 2 League Finalists – Royal Thunder
2021 13U A League Champions – Braves 2
2021 13U A League Finalists – Blue Jay Titans

** 13U AAA Open Tournament Draw & Rules & Scores – June 21-23 **

** 13U AA Open Tournament Draw & Rules & Scores – May 31-June 2 **


Congratulations to the 2019 13U AAA Provincial Champion Saskatoon A’s!


SASKATOON 13U BASEBALL is a Developmental Division and exists to promote the baseball skills and sportsmanship of its participants. It is proud of the level of conduct and sportsmanship that has been shown in the past and expects all coaches and players to ensure that this will continue. It provides baseball for boys and girls, 12 and 13 years old, and is a member of Baseball Saskatchewan. Its game rules are based on the Baseball Canada rulebook. 

Saskatoon 13U Baseball is regarded as one of the best 13U Divisions in the province and your child is sure to have a positive and enjoyable baseball experience while playing in one of its leagues. 13U baseball is the first exposure of young players to the complete game of baseball – runners leading off, sliding into base, and pitchers trying to picking off runners on base are now part of the game.

Teams entered in the Saskatoon 13U Baseball Division will play at one of three skill levels (Categories) – A, AA or AAA leagues. The season length and the level of commitment differ for each league – the AAA teams have the longest season and highest commitment level.

In addition to regular league play, teams will have the opportunity to play in local tournaments and to qualify for play in provincial tournaments. 

Saskatoon 13U Baseball is a volunteer-run organization and its successful operation depends on the involvement and cooperation of players, coaches and parents. Teams and their parents will be asked to play an active role in running tournaments during the season and in projects to upgrade the baseball park.

The hub of 13U baseball in Saskatoon is the Geoff Hughes Baseball Park, built in 1996. It is a city-owned complex of three diamonds with shale infields, homerun fences and a clubhouse with bathroom facilities, a meeting room and a concession. All fields meet 13U national standards and improvements to the facility are on-going. It is considered one of the best 13U baseball parks in western Canada. While the City provides basic maintenance for the park, the 13U Division is responsible for any further improvements.

Past League Championship Results:

2021 League ChampionAthleticsTier 1: Cardinals Peterson
Tier 2: Gator A’s
Braves 2
2021 Runner-UpBlue Jay DirtbagsTier 1: Blue Jay Crush
Tier 2: Royal Thunder
Blue Jay Titans
2020 League ChampionSaskatoon A’sCardinal RuleRoyal Thunder
2020 Runner-UpBlue Jay BombersBlue Jay ThunderCardinals
2019 ChampionA’sBlueJay BombersRoyals
2019 Runner-UpCardinalsGator A’sSaskFive Giant Knucklers
2018 ChampionBravesBlue Jay Warriors
2018 Runner-UpMuenster RedSoxCardinals Krause

2017 Champion

2017 Runner-Up

2016 Champion
Blue Jay BlitzPrince Albert RoyalsPrince Albert Royals

2016 Runner-Up
Sask Five GiantsSask Five GiantsBlue Jay Heat

2011 Champion
BravesA’sBlue Jays

2011 Runner-Up
A’sBlue Jay HeatA’s

2010 Champion
Blue JaysMuenster RedSoxDavidson

2010 Runner-Up
BravesBashin’ BravesBlue Jay Bandits

2009 Champion
CardinalsBashin’ BravesKaos Braves

2009 Runner-Up
BravesCardinals 2Barracuda Braves

2008 Champion
MartensvilleBlue Jay CrushDalmeny

2008 Runner-Up
CardinalsCardinals 2Hanley